The Re Federico Boutique Hotel, an historical Palace Estate from 1770, is situated in the jewish quarter of Giudecca, in Ortigia, the historical heart of Siracusa. The structure is located in the historical texture of the city, among baroque buildings and picturesque streets, a few steps away from the sea and from the wonderful Piazza Duomo. The palace is comprised of three levels, with a sea view common terrace and a comfortable and modern elevator.

Ortigia has always been a unique destination for travelers and today it confirms its absolute authenticity and timeless beauty. Recently entitled a Unesco World Heritage, allows the visitor to travel through time. Its archeological, artistic and monumental heritage synthesizes the whole Sicily history. Just a square kilometer embraces fascinating treasures and natural beauties ready to amaze you. Temples, castles, ancient aristocratic palaces and baroque churches compose the charming treasure chest, an Island originally consecrated to Artemide.

Federico II was King of Sicily, Swabia’s duke, Emperor of the Romans, Imperator of the Holy Roman Empire and King of Jerusalem. Provided with a poliedric and fascinated personality that polarised the citizens and the historians, which produced many myths and popular tales around his life, for better or for worse. An extraordinary man, cultured and energetic, he established, in Sicily and in southern Italy a political structure similar to a modern kingdom which was characterized as having a strong legislative activity and great artistic and cultural innovation.

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